U.S. attempt to ‘kill the Indian, save the man’

Government and Church run boarding schools horrific history Less than 100 years ago in the turbulent 1930s a child was taken from his family and forced to attend a boarding school in South Dakota. This school (as well as more than 500 others which operated in...

1 in 6 Minnesotans go hungry

Why many neighbors struggle to meet basic needs, and how you can help As humans, we constantly rely on food to survive, and it should be a right to have access to it. However, that is far from the truth of our society today. In 2021, 483,000 people in Minnesota...

Learning From Living Abroad: Mexico

From sunshine and mountains to ice and snow, M.A. family combines cultures Once you enter Minnehaha Academy Upper School, you see several students just existing. Little do you know, there are multiple students with different cultural backgrounds. One of those students...

Learning from living abroad; Romania

Revisiting Romanian roots Many people have explored different cities, traveled to different states, and maybe even visited foreign lands. But how many people can say that they were born and raised in a country other than the U.S.? For first-year Alexandra Radulescu...

Learning from Living Abroad: England

England packed with sights, fond memories Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Europe? To be able to see Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, or The Colosseum only a short trip away? For these three Minnehaha students, siblings senior Philip and first-year...

Algorithms fuel bad trends

Algorithms fuel bad trends Ever been scrolling through TikTok or Instagram and you start seeing a lot of people taking part in the same activities or expressing the same ideas? These trends, fashions or popular ideas that spread quickly are increasingly fueled by...

No-go or al-GO-rithims?

How algorithms impact the world around us   Have you ever been scrolling through social media and seen an ad about something you had previously been researching? Or perhaps you were having a conversation with a friend about your next big vacation to Arizona, and...

Thrifting: green savings

Fashion, an ever-evolving phenomenon with never-ending shifts in trends. Clothing goes from cropped to oversized, skinny to baggy, graphic to basic, formal to casual, and back again. But in recent years a more notable shift has gone underway: new to used. Thrifting,...

The land of 10,000 heartbreaks Every prideful Minnesotan can recount where they were on the night of the Minneapolis Miracle — when Stefon Diggs ran along the U.S. Bank Stadium sideline hoisting the ball in the air, sending the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC...

Sports Photography

The increasing interest among youth Raising 4 kids, Lisa Siddons was consumed by youth sports for many years. Something that captures a moment in time forever, a picture, is a way for parents to remember their young children's time before growing up. Sometimes that...




The land of 10,000 heartbreaks Every prideful Minnesotan can recount where they were on the night...

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Fall on film

Slideshow: Support animals visit MA

Friendly visitors bring calm to finals week Four dogs and two cats from Paws For Learning visited Minnehaha's Upper School on Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023. Photos and slideshow by Josephine Johnson

Slideshow: Christmas choir & orchestra concert

See Hope, See Peace Minnehaha Academy's choirs and orchestras performed the annual Christmas concert, with the theme "See Hope, See Peace," at the Upper School on Dec. 14, 2023. The music you will hear was from a Christmas carol sing-along. Photos, audio recording and...


Chet Holmgren High School Jersey Retirement

Video by Aaron Melling: Coach Lance Johnson and Athletic Director Josh Thurow reminisce about the moments they shared with Chet Holmgren during his high school days. Photos by Greta Christiansen: Chet Holmgren celebrates his jersey retirement with OKC Thunder...

Fall play 2023: Interview with James Williams

Theater superfan visits from Illinois to see M.A. plays James Williams explains why this year's play, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, has special meaning for him. Video by Olivia Pederson and Amanda Linkskoog, with editing help from Aaron...

Halloween at Minnehaha

Upper School Trick or Treating On the day of Halloween, students went trick-or-treating throughout the school.

What’s it like: Visiting Roatan

What's it like to visit Roatan during CFE week 2022? Working at a children's home, walking the beaches of west bay, scuba diving in the second largest barrier reef, and swimming with dolphins are all activities to take on while in Roatan. Join the group of 11 students...

Tell Me About It – Season 1 Episode 4: Joy Reist

Tell Me About It Season 1, Episode 4: Joy Reist Host Ann Oakman interviews Chemistry teacher and International Space Station (ISS) Team Leader Joy Reist about the ISS Team's 2022 experiment.

Tell Me About It – Season 1 Episode 3: Blake Christiansen

Tell Me About It Season 1, Episode 3: Blake Christiansen Host Ann Oakman interviews Lower School teacher Blake Christiansen about his experience climbing up Mt. Kiliminjaro with the Movember Foundation.

Tell Me About It – Season 1 Episode 2: Dante Donato

Tell Me About It Season 1, Episode 2: Dante Donato Host Ann Oakman interviews senior Dante Donato about his Boy Scout experience and Eagle Scout service project - the notorious picnic tables.

Tell Me About It – Season 1 Episode 1: Addi Mack

Tell Me About It Season 1, Episode 1: Addi Mack     Host Ann Oakman interviews freshman Addi Mack, who has just scored her 1,000th career point in her first high school game.  

Nurse Heidi Streed on the COVID Vaccine

Heidi Streed talks over the current statistics, and future hopes for the results of the COVID vaccine. Learn about speculations, heard immunity, and the...

State racewalking championship!

Westrem's advisory defends title; Keefe, Finney win individual medals


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Health in Mind with Olivia Pederson






Royalty in the making

Royalty in the making

A closer look at what defines Prince Aligbe Prince Aligbe. The name has been familiar to Minnehaha students and sports fans since he arrived at the school in 7th grade. Now a senior, Aligbe is an amazingly talented basketball player who has drawn the attention of...

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Crime in MPLS and STP

Crime in MPLS and STP

2020 sees rise in crime across country, including the Twin Cities, as cities debate police reform It was October 2nd, around 8 pm. when junior Caroline McHugh, along with fellow junior Stella Berlin, had just returned to Berlin's St. Paul home after dinner at a...

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