Are high-school grades accurate?

How grade inflation is affecting the current generation of students In the education system, grades are everything to a student… or are they? They often are used to help others rank your work ethic and mentality. However, these numbers are starting to steer far off...

Experiencing the forces of physics

Screams accompany 9th graders on Physics Day Besides measuring and learning about forces, first-year students experienced them in a fun day of rides at a local mall. GoPro videos by Desmond Berthiaume, Benjamin Misa and Alex Salo. Editing by Desmond Berthiaume....

The ins and outs of sports medicine

MA's athletic trainer and strength & conditioning coach support students Minnehaha is home to many exceptional sports teams and hundreds of student-athletes.  Behind those teams and athletes are many amazing coaches who know how to bring out the best in each...

Expect the unexpected in the 2024 election

With two very elderly candidates, one candidate facing criminal trials & AI deepfakes undermining truth, this election will be unique. Will peace follow the outcome? As the 2024 election approaches, many concerns are being raised. It has been described by many to...

College Camps: a Journey of Discovery

Many high school students are finding new ways to impress colleges. Is going to a college camp one of them? Stepping onto campus, you take in the sprawling grounds. You inhale the warm summer breeze that carries anxious excitement. The possibilities are endless, you...

Sleep’s Impact on Athletics

Undervalued by many teens, sleep holds the key to better performance Getting roughly 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night is difficult for most student-athletes to accomplish, especially while trying to balance other things like homework, a sustainable social life, and a...

Brain games

Online word and number games are fun, but can they actually help your brain? Wordle, Strands, Connections, and The Mini. All of these may sound familiar to you and in all likelihood you have played them before. According to, just by the start of 2024, the...

TIKTOK: 9-month timer ticking

The most populous country, about 18% of the world’s population, bans TikTok. The second most populated country makes its citizens use a watered-down version of the app. The country with the biggest economy is poised to ban it as well. India, China and the USA...

Hydration: life’s necessity

Cold or warm, red or blue, tall or short, thin or thick, sippy or straw: it’s up to you! Easily personalized, convenient, and good for your body, water bottles are a helpful essential for hydration.   Why should I drink water? You might be asking yourself this,...

Which is better: online or paper

Do you prefer taking your tests on paper or a screen? Despite your preference, as of this year, the SAT will only be available for online use. This brings up many concerns and questions, with the prominent one being: Which is better: Paper or online?  Pencils and...





2023-24: The Year in Photos

Instant replay Once again, Minnehaha Academy’s Upper School journalism students captured the life of the school throughout the 2023-2024 year. Here is a collection of their photos. Slideshow by Olivia Hughes and Greta Christiansen.  

Fall on film

Slideshow: Support animals visit MA

Friendly visitors bring calm to finals week Four dogs and two cats from Paws For Learning visited Minnehaha's Upper School on Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023. Photos and slideshow by Josephine Johnson


Experiencing the forces of physics

Screams accompany 9th graders on Physics Day Besides measuring and learning about forces, first-year students experienced them in a fun day of rides at a local mall. GoPro videos by Desmond Berthiaume, Benjamin Misa and Alex Salo. Editing by Desmond Berthiaume....

Stromberg’s Star Wars secret mission

Piecing together decades of film classics Minnehaha Academy art teacher and collage artist talks about his most recent commission, which he created in secret. It now hangs at the center of the Star Wars universe. For more on the...

Diversity at Minnehaha: Family Languages

Upper-school students prove they’re fluent in many ways Many students often speak a language other than English when they’re at home with their families. Here is a sample of their language diversity. Filmed by Aaron Melling, Lucas Freeman, Finn Foster, Lucy Hoffner...

Chet Holmgren High School Jersey Retirement

Video by Aaron Melling: Coach Lance Johnson and Athletic Director Josh Thurow reminisce about the moments they shared with Chet Holmgren during his high school days. Photos by Greta Christiansen: Chet Holmgren celebrates his jersey retirement with OKC Thunder...

Fall play 2023: Interview with James Williams

Theater superfan visits from Illinois to see M.A. plays James Williams explains why this year's play, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, has special meaning for him. Video by Olivia Pederson and Amanda Linkskoog, with editing help from Aaron...

Halloween at Minnehaha

Upper School Trick or Treating On the day of Halloween, students went trick-or-treating throughout the school.

What’s it like: Visiting Roatan

What's it like to visit Roatan during CFE week 2022? Working at a children's home, walking the beaches of west bay, scuba diving in the second largest barrier reef, and swimming with dolphins are all activities to take on while in Roatan. Join the group of 11 students...

Tell Me About It – Season 1 Episode 4: Joy Reist

Tell Me About It Season 1, Episode 4: Joy Reist Host Ann Oakman interviews Chemistry teacher and International Space Station (ISS) Team Leader Joy Reist about the ISS Team's 2022 experiment.

Tell Me About It – Season 1 Episode 3: Blake Christiansen

Tell Me About It Season 1, Episode 3: Blake Christiansen Host Ann Oakman interviews Lower School teacher Blake Christiansen about his experience climbing up Mt. Kiliminjaro with the Movember Foundation.

Tell Me About It – Season 1 Episode 2: Dante Donato

Tell Me About It Season 1, Episode 2: Dante Donato Host Ann Oakman interviews senior Dante Donato about his Boy Scout experience and Eagle Scout service project - the notorious picnic tables.


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Royalty in the making

Royalty in the making

A closer look at what defines Prince Aligbe Prince Aligbe. The name has been familiar to Minnehaha students and sports fans since he arrived at the school in 7th grade. Now a senior, Aligbe is an amazingly talented basketball player who has drawn the attention of...

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Crime in MPLS and STP

Crime in MPLS and STP

2020 sees rise in crime across country, including the Twin Cities, as cities debate police reform It was October 2nd, around 8 pm. when junior Caroline McHugh, along with fellow junior Stella Berlin, had just returned to Berlin's St. Paul home after dinner at a...

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