Tennyson Shultz

Abortion through a different lens

As laws change, citizens must consider the complexity of other perspectives Take a minute and consider the lens through which you see the world. How were you raised? With money? With two parents? With access to sex education? With a uterus? Given even just a small change in luck, location, …

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Physician assisted suicide

A different option for the terminally ill “My dad was really the most amazing person,” recalled 16-year-old Elena Zeballos. “He was so full of life and could make friends with anyone — he knew half of Dallas!” She paused, then continued with a smile, “He loved his soccer. He loved …

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Justice KBJ added to Supreme Court

What Ketanji Brown Jacksons’s Supreme Court seat means in history One hundred and fifteen justices have served on the Supreme Court, 108 of those 115 justices—that is ninety-four percent—have been white men. In the court’s 233-year history, there have been five female justices, three BIPOC justices, and no justices have …

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Struggling to Stay Strong

Adolescent mental health issues hit crisis levels during pandemic Three hundred and seventy students attend Minnehaha’s upper school. Based on recently released research finding that one in five adolescents suffer from a diagnosed mental health disorder, this means that seventy-four of Minnehaha’s close-knit community of students have likely been diagnosed …

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A long haul

Post coronavirus symptoms prove to be long lasting Fever? Chills? Are you struggling to breathe? The symptoms of COVID-19 resonate in our heads like a catchy pop song. Before entering restaurants, schools or businesses, we fill out screenings documenting our health. Taking temperatures, while once a seasonal endeavor, has become …

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Disordered eating in the ballet community

Dancers are sacrificing their mental and physical health in an attempt to meet outdated body image standards Little girls watch The Nutcracker, wide-eyed with awe, as ballerinas twirl around in pretty pink costumes. Snow falls, backdrops change, and the stage seems to be a magical place. From an outsider’s view, …

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