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with Elsa Johnson





Episode 4: Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council President

Discussion with Minneapolis City Council President a year and a half after the death of George Floyd, what it’s like to handle the situation at such a position, and how Covid has affected the rate of change in the city. February 4, 2022. 



Episode 3: Wayne Bugg, St. Vincent de Paul

Effects of George Floyd’s death on local Minneapolis/St. Paul business owners, particularly what it was like to experience looting and riots first-hand. May 27, 2021. 

Episode 2: Pastor Jim Halbur, Fountain of Life Church

The effects of George Floyd’s death on nearby religious leaders/communities with Jim Halbur, pastor of Fountain of Life Church. May 9, 2021. 


Episode 1: Ward 2 Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon

George Floyd’s death and its effects on the city leaders of Minneapolis with Ward 2 City Council Member Cam Gordon. March 27, 2021.