New Faces at M.A.: Kayleen Berg, Social Studies and Economics

Posted: November 21, 2023

Kayleen Berg is excited to join the Minnehaha community this year

Social studies teacher and advisor Kayleen Berg is excited to begin her first year at Minnehaha Academy. 

“She’s patient, kind, and very helpful,” first-year Makaela Binder said about her advisor. 

Berg has taught for six years prior to her arrival at Minnehaha, mainly focusing on social studies. 

“Teaching government and economics is great for me,” said Berg. “I really enjoy it. I think it’s also just things that people should know to understand the world around them.” 

Before teaching at Minnehaha, Berg taught at a wide variety of schools, ranging from public and charter to other private schools. She’s also taught various grades, recently having taught middle school for four years. 

“I think people seem to enjoy being here and enjoy being around each other,” said Berg, “which I think is really nice, that people know each other and make an effort to get to know each other, which you don’t really see in bigger [schools], especially public schools.”

Outside of the classroom, Berg enjoys many hobbies, including crocheting, reading, and hiking. She’s also met and fed a rhinoceros! 

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