Talon Staff Writer

Elon Musk takes on Twitter

Musk’s purchase of social-media platform raises questions about free speech vs. responsible speech One of the first facts every American student learns about the United States government is that the very First Amendment of the Constitution protects their right to say things. Recent events surrounding a $44 billion midlife crisis …

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Staff Editorial: a 7 period schedule may be a good idea

The pros and cons of a new schedule As many of us know, the school has been in the midst of a huge debate about next year’s schedule. Recently, the discussion has shifted towards potentially switching back to a seven-period schedule. In general, instead of having eight class periods on …

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The fate of digital learning

Why Zoom-school should leave with COVID-19 Although online learning has been a good resource throughout the pandemic, it has not been an easy one. Especially now that students are back in the classroom, setting up a zoom device for one or two students at home is both a hassle and …

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