Staff Editorial: a 7 period schedule may be a good idea

Posted: May 24, 2022

The pros and cons of a new schedule

As many of us know, the school has been in the midst of a huge debate about next year’s schedule. Recently, the discussion has shifted towards potentially switching back to a seven-period schedule.

In general, instead of having eight class periods on a block schedule, with 2-4-6-8 “even days” alternating with 1-3-5-7 “odd days,” as the Upper School has had during the past two pandemic-altered years, the school would return to the schedule it used before COVID-19, and students would have up to seven classes. For example, Tuesdays and Thursday would be 2-4-6 even days, while Wednesdays and Fridays would be 1-3-5-7 odd days. During five-day weeks, students would go through all seven periods on Monday. 

There would be other details, too, but this change would mean that fewer students would have scheduled free hours, everyone would have a seven-period day (called “traditional” days) once a week on a majority of weeks, and some students would lose an extra elective.

Although it’s kind of upsetting that free hours would be less common, the seven-period schedule is overall a better idea. For students, it would be good to have each class three times a week. Certain classes require more repetition.

Additionally, the schedule would be a huge relief to teachers. Many students are unaware that an eight-period schedule causes many teachers to be overworked. A seven-period schedule would be a much-needed relief to teachers.

Despite some reluctance and frustration about losing a free hour, the seven-period schedule would ultimately be a benefit to both students and teachers. 

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