Freshmen explore different interests

How different extracurriculars change high school experiences

In the midst of the chaos that is a morning at the freshmen lockers, freshman Evelyn Ramgren is hanging out with a group of friends. Upstairs, outside the chapel, junior Tea McLawhorn is sitting with her friends below the art wall that is lined with self-portraits.

These Minnehaha students are just a floor apart, but their high school lives are completely different.

“I think everyone definitely has different experiences,” McLawhorn said, “because everybody’s interested in different things.”

“I love swimming, because I love the community of people and how even if it is individual events, we are a close group,” Ramgren said about her interests.

In contrast, McLawhorn is involved in photography and loves it.

“I think school gets boring when you don’t get to express your creative side in your work,” she said.

Ramgren has also played soccer for 8 years and likes the variance with the sports she plays.

“It requires a ton of teamwork, which is different from swimming, because swimming contains lots of individual events,” she said.

“I’ve always loved art, and photography gives me a great chance to express my creativity,” McLawhorn continued.

Another part of overall experiences in school is how you spend your free time.

At Minnehaha, that free time comes during Flex.

“Often I am in the gym talking,” Ramgren said, “or down by the lockers working on homework if I haven’t finished anything.”

Meanwhile, you can find McLawhorn in her usual spot by the chapel, finishing homework or catching up with friends.

“If I’m not there, then I attend Comedy Club with [senior club president] Ella Fredrickson,” she added.

What students are interested in and what they do with spare time can differ their lives in high school from other students’, even at a school where you recognize everyone.

Ramgren agreed, “I do think M.A. students could have completely different experiences, because it depends on what you are interested in.”

Right after the bell rings at 2:55, signaling the end of the day, McLawhorn and Ramgren head off in different directions.


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