Brynne Whitman

2017-18: The Year in Photos

Your yearbook online Minnehaha Academy’s Antler yearbook staff brings you a year’s worth of photos in about four minutes. Slideshow by Antler staff member Brynne Whitman.

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Taking a closer look at 13 Reasons Why

Concern grows alongside popularity of Netflix show involving suicide Healthy solutions, resources for help need to be known by teens watching program A package wrapped in brown paper waits on a high-school student’s doorstep, his name scrawled across the top. After finding it, he turns it around in his hands, …

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Freshmen explore different interests

How different extracurriculars change high school experiences In the midst of the chaos that is a morning at the freshmen lockers, freshman Evelyn Ramgren is hanging out with a group of friends. Upstairs, outside the chapel, junior Tea McLawhorn is sitting with her friends below the art wall that is …

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