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A new era for girls basketball

New coach brings different philosophy A warm salty drop of sweat falls from your drenched forehead as you are catching your breath. You place your hands on your knees as you watch your legs tremble with aching pain. Just as you regain your strength you hear the...

Slideshow: Grand People Day 2023

Grand People Day is when grandparents are invited to a half day of school to share refreshments in the campus room, and join the Minnehaha community at chapel.   Photos and slideshow by Danielle Hobbie.

Barbie: Revolutionizing cinema?

Movie breaks box office, carries strong message Nicolas Freeman, theater teacher at Minnehaha Academy, had just finished watching the newly released Barbie movie. As he walked out of the movie theater, a thought occurred to him, “I was sad that I didn’t wear more...

Humanity’s effect on the oceans

1 million deaths per year that we can prevent: why the ocean's health matters -- and depends on -- everyone Plastic waste alone kills over one million marine animals each year; this is not only human-caused but is fixable by human decisions and actions. "The majority...

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