The boys' basketball team put it a lot of work in the offseason, hoping to make a deep state tournament run.

New boys’ basketball season

Working hard in the offseason has proved effective

Team looks to improve on last year’s first round state tournament loss

by Simone McIntosh, Talon Staff Writer

As a new basketball season approaches the boy’s basketball team has a new outlook on what’s next. Making it to the state championship last year was a success but unfortunately they did not make it past the first round. So with a new season starting soon the boys have been strategizing on new ways to make it all the way to the top.

Practice, practice and more practice has been the main outlet so far. The boy’s team has been putting forth a continuous effort to improve their playing ability for this season.

The avid players have been working together to ultimately reach that goal, and have made it their number one task to win it all this season and with hard work they know they can do it.

“I gotta get in the gym and work hard…real hard,” said junior guard/forward Kaharri Carter.  “Everyday after school, even on weekends, no days off.”

They have all been putting in a lot of extra hours on and off the court.

“Off the court I play, I dribble I shoot. I play I dribble and I shoot some more,” said Carter.

On the court they have mainly been working on playing together as a team. They have realized how important teamwork really is and have put in many hours just focusing on playing as a team.

“Teamwork is so important. So we work hard at definitely making sure this season we really play as a team,” said senior forward Asante Simmons.

Besides planning for a successful year they have been planning for a fun filled year. Getting themselves prepared for the seniors to graduate urges them even more to make each practice and game a lot of fun.

“We are just going to have a fun year this year not only win games but have fun while doing it,” said Simmons.

They are also planning for their future after this season and getting ready for college and playing their best this season to start catching recruiter’s attention.

“I am hoping to get a lot of D-1 offers that’s why I have just been working so hard on my jump shots and hitting the gym,” said junior guard Gerald McCarver, who was the leading scorer last season.

Head coach Lance Johnson wants them to learn more this season than just basketball.

“I hope they have fun and are able to learn about stuff other then basketball,” Johnson said. “I hope they truly come together as a team and on top of that win some games.”

He also expresses that the team has strengths and weaknesses but as a team they can ultimately overcome them and have a wonderful season.

This team has been working tremendously hard and expects great things this season. With hard work and dedication they know they can do it. Between hitting the gym and working as a team they are definitely on the right track to a successful season.


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