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Does it make sense to combine sports with school?

A European perspective on the American combination of athletics and academics In many cultures, sports are kept separate, in clubs. Are there any advantages to having school teams -- or is it a distraction? Exchange student Karolina Cizmarova reflects on her...

Practical Importance

Curt Bjorlin on woodworking from Redhawksonline on Vimeo. Declining student interest in applied education courses may result in the loss of life skills As applied education classes throughout the United States decline, students may be missing out on important...

Day 31 Clock Tower

The clock tower is illuminated on a bright, sunny Monday. Photo by Maddie Binning.

The question of summer

Learning loss raises questions about year-round schooling Everybody hold your breath, year-round education is slowly becoming more popular in America. Should we get rid of the cherished idea of summer vacation to be replaced by more time sitting at a desk? Year-round...


Some schools are experimenting with iPads in the classroom. Does the tablet computer have a future at Minnehaha?