Terfa named technology director

Merry Mattson retires after 40 years at M.A.; Sam Terfa named new tech director

With the recent retirement of the Director of Technology Merry Mattson after 40 years at Minnehaha, Sam Terfa was appointed to lead the tech team. Terfa had been the senior manager of information systems. Before that he taught math and physics at Minnehaha for 17 years.

The other members of the Tech Department are Joey Starkey, the Assistant Director of Technology; Jon Bird, Technology Support Manager; and Jared Stulen, Network and User Support Specialist. Another member of this team is band teacher Ryan Larson, who works 40 percent of the time as Technology Integrationist.

In Terfa’s current position, he manages the technology budget, manages the other technology members, and advises the leadership of our technology policy at Minnehaha. He still helps people with technology requests and manage our school’s data syncing.

Terfa says,”Being Director of Technology gives me a chance to make significant decisions as well as manage other people. Both of these are great challenges and terrific life skills so I am definitely happy with change.”

Terfa has been at the school since 2001 and continues to bring great help and guidance through the tech field.



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