New faces – Dante Britten

Dante Britten is one of the new additions to the Upper School this year, teaching P.E. and learning lab. Last year Britten taught second grade at Minnehaha’s South Campus.

“The big difference would be just the interactions I have with the kids,” said Britten. “I can have more mature conversations with the high school kids.”

To some Britten is not a new face at all because he has been coaching at Minnehaha for 10 years. Britten coaches defensive backs for the SMB Wolfpack football team and the sprinters on Minnehaha’s track team. Britten explained that his favorite part of coaching is building relationships with the kids and still being able to be part of the game.

“Dante is a great coach because he genuinely cares about his athletes,” explained senior captain of the track team, Cynthia Garcia. ”He understands what the athletes are going through, so he listens to his athletes concerns and frustrations. He gives guidance and support. He also jokes around so that makes every workout a lot more fun.”


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