Presidential poll: None of the above?

Support for candidates mixed at best

Minnehaha students expressed a slight preference for the Democratic party and its presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in a September poll, but it’s also evident that they lack confidence in both Clinton and her rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Results were published Thurs., Sept. 29, in The Talon. Full results are shown here (174 responses from students in grades 9-12,received Sept. 20 to 26, 2016; survey posted on Redhawksonline, limited to one response per student using M.A. log-in).

If you could vote, which candidate would you choose?

  1. None of the above   36.8%
  2. Hillary Clinton        35.1%
  3. Donald Trump         16.7%
  4. Gary Johnson            9.2%
  5. Jill Stein                      2.3%

Which political party do you associate with?

  1. Democratic       45.4%
  2. Republican        29.9%
  3. Independent      14.4%
  4. Other                   13.8%
  5. Green                    2.9%

How confident are you in Hillary Clinton’s ability to lead?

  1. Least confident  29.8%
  2. Not confident     11.7%
  3. Neutral                30.4%
  4. Confident           17.5%
  5. Most confident  8.2%

How confident are you in Donald Trump’s ability to lead?

  1. Least confident  57.6%
  2. Not confident     14.7%
  3. Neutral                12.4%
  4. Confident              7.1%
  5. Most confident     7.1%


— Talon staff


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