Snodaze jeopardy

In the spirit of the Snodaze, all of the students gathered in the chapel to watch an intense round of MA related jeopardy. Categories like teacher mashup (with famous people), Johnny Goth impressions, MA twitter handles and couple names were cheered on as the students and faculty battled it out. The executive interns put together the game, even including a photoshopped photo of english teacher Robyn Westrem and Beyonce herself.

A clear winner was announced: the seniors. However, the teachers weren’t going to let that pass so easy, so a slick verbal asterisk was added to push the teachers to the ultimate win. (It seems to me that they just didn’t want to admit to themselves that the students beat them at something…)

Moral of the story: Don’t forget to say your answer in the form of a question. The seniors learned that the hard way.



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