Alabama 5-year-old safe

How many people can we thank for our safety in daily life…?

Five-year-old Ethan was rescued 4 Feb. 2013 after being held hostage by 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes. Bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr. opened the emergency door and blocked the front bus door as kids jumped out of the back of the bus. Poland was shot four times by Dykes and died. Dykes abducted Ethan and was able to hold him, a child with Asperger’s syndrom and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, for several days until a F.B.I. team rescued him. Many Midland City people prayed for Ethan’s freedom and must have been very ecstatic when their prayers came true. So what’s the moral of this story? Well, while Ethan was held captive in the bunker in Dykes backyard, he was able to receive toys, coloring books and medication. By the grace of God Ethan was safe, as much as he could be in a hostage situation, and by the grace of God Ethan was able to return home. Without bus driver Poland and the F.B.I. rescue team Ethan’s future would still be in question. My hope for you (readers) is that you notice and thank those around you that help keep you safe and healthy, they are your lifeline.


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