Dubstep Craze

Behind the new scene of Dubstep

Jeffrey Riley, Talon Staff Writer

The lights pulsate to the sound of the over-powering bass. A distinct wub wub wub sound permeates the venue as the “drop” kicks in. Bodies seem to be teleporting minute distances as the strobe flashes on the tightly-packed crowd, moving as one wave. The emerging scene for young adults today is under the category of dubstep.

Dubstep is a genre, originating in London, that is heavily electronic. The closest relatives of the sound would be a synthetic sound of drum and bass combined with a rave-like beats. The defining characteristic of the genre is the thick bass drops. These “drops” start when the bass line begins and can make or break a song.

“I could feel the bass vibrating my hair during drop,” said senior Riley Engstrom. “That’s when everyone starts to move.”

Still pretty young on the scene, many artists experiment with the sound. They sometimes incorporate the bass drops into a hip-hop track or feature vocalists on a predominantly electronic sound. This experimentation is just another way the scene continues to spread and blur the lines between styles, creating new and unclassifiable tracks.

Dubstep has established itself with a fan base and entertaining shows, but it still only has caught a minority of high school students’ attentions. Those who are knowledgeable of it often seem perplexed, and almost astonished at how another individual could be unaware of the underground scene.

“I find it funny when people ask ‘Is this that band, dubstep?’ or ‘Have you heard that song called dubstep?’” said Walker Larson.

This genre, just like any other, has its critics.

“Dubstep is a type of music that I love to listen to, but as someone who loves lyrics in songs I need to take a break from it every now and then,” said senior Graham Winchester. “Sometimes I can’t even tell when one song ends and another has already started.”

The atmosphere of the shows is what really draws the fan base. The crowds are unlike any other as paint is splattered, glow sticks are thrown, and the reverberating bass blasts are strong enough to rattle your eardrums. The combination appeals to many students and young adults and is an entertaining, interactive way to spend a Friday night.

Who knows what the sound will become as the dubstep scene evolves and takes shape, but the fact is that it is thriving. From the music itself to the feeling of the bass next to the speakers, dubstep is more of an experience than a genre.


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