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Terfa named technology director

Merry Mattson retires after 40 years at M.A.; Sam Terfa named new tech director With the recent retirement of the Director of Technology Merry Mattson after 40 years at Minnehaha, Sam Terfa was appointed to lead the tech team. Terfa had been the senior manager of information systems. Before that …

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Tech team transitions to Mendota

How the tech team has adjusted to the explosion at North campus and the loss of server equipment It’s no surprise that everyone has faced challenges and obstacles in moving to the Mendota campus, but the often overlooked challenges are those of the tech team. Even before the first day …

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Tech team works behind the scenes to aid in Stromberg’s design

Minnehaha’s tech team, which produces the chapels, assemblies, and ceremonies held in the Orville C. Hognander chapel, will also be producing the school play, running from Nov.14 through16. The crew plays a major role in the overall experience of the audience. “We have light designers, we have sound designers, we …

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