Tech team works behind the scenes to aid in Stromberg’s design

Minnehaha’s tech team, which produces the chapels, assemblies, and ceremonies held in the Orville C. Hognander chapel, will also be producing the school play, running from Nov.14 through16.

The crew plays a major role in the overall experience of the audience.

“We have light designers, we have sound designers, we have sound op, board op,” said junior tech member Amelia Vayda. “We have some tech guys doing props.”

Sometimes there is something special or challenging about setting up a play, as Vayda explained.

“It’s kind of a minimum play,” she said. “We are doing a water effect, with a gobo.” A gobo is a dark plate or screen used to shield a light.

The tech team plays an integral part in bringing the show together, making sure stellar acting is complimented by stellar visual presentation and sound.


About Elliot Dorow Hovland

Elliot is a sophomore staff writer and, along with Kenny Kiratli, the co-creator and co-host of the Minnehaha Talon Podcast. Elliot plays on the soccer, hockey, and golf teams and is interested in engineering and the environment.

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