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Mark Norlander retires

Laughter, wit through three decades Beloved teacher, coach leaves after 30 years A canoe drifts through a stretch of lake in the boundary waters, gliding past a shoreline of dense trees that are reflected on the surface of the water. The water is full of native birds...

Studying, from room 240 to La France

Three Minnehaha alumnae are currently studying abroad in France. They learned French together at MA and parted ways at graduation, yet all ended up in France just a few years later It all started in room 240. "[Mr. Norlander] would pass around a sheet every year with...

Interview: Vera Morbey

Peace Corps volunteer and Vera Morbey (’09) describes her experiences in West Africa before being evacuated due to the Ebola outbreak.

Day 113 French Poetry

French students memorize poetry for class. Photo by Maddie Binning.
New French Amity

New French Amity

Minnehaha's new French amity, Laëtitia Lompech, is thrilled to be in Minnesota for a new adventure and to learn to be...

Bridging worlds

Bridging worlds

Amity aides bring native speakers to world language classrooms French, Spanish amities reflect on their year in the...

New French Amity

Minnehaha Academy has a new French Amity this year, Marion Kiefer from Strasbourg, France….