New French Amity

Laetitia Lompech, Minnehaha Academy's French Amity for 2013-14. Photo by Kitra Katz.
Laetitia Lompech, Minnehaha Academy’s French Amity for 2013-14. Photo by Kitra Katz.

Minnehaha’s new French amity, Laëtitia Lompech, is thrilled to be in Minnesota for a new adventure and to learn to be a teacher. Lompech is from Clerment-Ferrand, France, where she studied English. Someday she wants to be a English teacher in France. She wanted to live in an English speaking country, and America sounded more interesting to her than England.

Lompech said she is surprised by how big everything is, especially the roads, buildings and houses.

“People are so nice here,” she said, adding that she is looking forward to going to sports games and shopping.


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