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Freshmen explore different interests

How different extracurriculars change high school experiences In the midst of the chaos that is a morning at the freshmen lockers, freshman Evelyn Ramgren is hanging out with a group of friends. Upstairs, outside the chapel, junior Tea McLawhorn is sitting with her friends below the art wall that is …

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Teens with jobs

Beyond spending money: Teens with jobs are able to mature as people as they learn important life management skills and gain valuable insights into the world before they take their next steps Grade school: learn study skills, time management and teamwork in preparation for high school. High school: get involved in …

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Reading in high school

Reading: lots of interest, little time “It’s different than when you’re in the city, when you’re driving around and there are [always] lights overhead,” began senior English teacher Kristofor Sauer. “[But] on car trips, especially out in the middle of nowhere, I would wait and wait and wait for a …

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