New at north: Kristián Kosterec

Junior Slovakian Student has a Great Start to The Cross Country Season by Winning Every JV Race

Sixteen-year-old Kristián Kosterec, traveled all the way from Bratislava, Slovakia to study abroad here at Minnehaha Academy. He came with one other student, Petra Martonova (see other brief). 

In Slovakia, Kristián attends C.S Lewis Bilingual High School, a private Christian high school located in Bratislava. 

When asked about why he wanted to study at Minnehaha, Kristián said, “I wanted to go somewhere junior year and this was a nice opportunity.” 

Kristián is staying with the Christiansen family, and recently went to a Vikings game with them, “I still don’t completely understand American football, but I really liked the Vikings game because of the atmosphere.”

Kristián recently joined the cross-country team which is the closest thing to a triathlon, which he does in Slovakia.

He runs on the JV team and has won every JV race he has competed in. “The team is really good,” says Kristián, “Everyone supports each other and it’s nice.” 

Kristián is only staying one semester and is leaving right before Christmas. The most exciting thing this semester that Kristián was looking forward to was Homecoming.                   



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