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A guide to making homemade frozen desserts

After a long cold spring and winter, summer is finally on its way. The perfect way to celebrate is with ice cream, gelato, or sorbet and why not make it homemade! While there are many places to buy ice cream, it is surprisingly easy to make it at home. There are different types of frozen desserts that are similar to ice cream like gelato and sorbet. These different types of frozen desserts are customizable with add-ins. For the recipe in the graphic, The KitchenAid ice cream attachment was used to churn the ice cream. For the homemade vanilla ice cream, make sure to use whole milk. The higher fat content is what makes the ice cream creamy. The rest of the ingredients are simple, and they may be in your kitchen already. When mixing the egg yolks and sugar mixture into the milk and cream mixture, be careful not to scramble the eggs. Keep stirring the ingredients and watch the heat so the pot doesn’t get too hot. If you are looking to flavor the ice cream other than vanilla, fold in the desired amount of candy or fruit after using the ice cream maker and before placing it in a container to freeze. Ice cream, gelato, and sorbet all have technical differences in ingredients. For ice cream, the FDA says that it must contain at least 10% fat and it is cream-based. Gelato is denser than ice cream because of the air whipped into it and there is less fat in gelato than ice cream, about 4%-9% fat. Gelato is milk-based. In authentic gelato, there are little to no egg yolks, but for homemade gelato, egg yolks are used. Sorbet has no dairy or eggs and can be made with any fruit or chocolate.


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