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Farfalle to Pappardelle, it’s better by hand

Learn how to make homemade pasta

Making homemade pasta may seem impossible, but with a simple recipe and easy-to-follow instructions, it’s pretty simple. There are four steps in forming the pasta. First, gather ingredients. Second, mix the ingredients together. Thirdly, knead the dough until it is smooth. Finally, roll out the dough and cut it into shapes. This recipe below is just a base and there are many variations. Different spices can be added to the dough, along with herbs, to give your pasta a unique flavor. From farfalle to pappardelle, pasta shapes are endless. Shapes can be cut by hand or dough sheets can be run through a machine. To cook the pasta, boil water that has been heavily salted. Then, once the water is boiling, add the pasta and cook until it floats to the top. Taste a piece of the pasta to make sure that it is cooked just the way you like it. For the sauce, you can choose many different combinations. If you like a lighter sauce, use olive oil to accent the silky smooth pasta. Or, use a tomato sauce with meat for an indulgent delight. Whether you like marinara or a simple olive oil sauce, flavoring finished pasta can also be very versatile. Enjoy your favorite pasta combinations with this simple recipe! Go to Baked & Cooled for a video on how to make homemade pasta.


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