Co-op winter sports risks

Struggles for athletes involved in co-ops during the Coronavirus

With co-op’s between so many schools COVID-19 will be a risk this year. However for athletes at Minnehaha, that’s a risk they’re willing to take. 

This year the Minnehaha United girls hockey team is adding an additional school to their existing four school co-op; Minnehaha Academy, St. Agnes School, DeLaSalle High School, Providence Academy, and now St. Paul Academy. 

Early into United’s 2021 season the coronavirus seemed to have gotten a head start, leaving people from multiple schools quarantined at home. 

“I was annoyed at first because I wasn’t around her much and didn’t really know her,” said junior Stella Berlin. When you’re not from the same school and you get sent home, at times it doesn’t make sense why. She also later stated how she realized it wasn’t her fault or anyones for that matter, they were just trying to keep everyone safe. 

Getting to know teammates is hard enough, especially given the different schools and environments. With the extra COVID factor, it also makes it hard to want to go out of your way when there is always a possibility of being in close contact. Which then brings up the idea of quarantining, the season being postponed, and ultimately cancelled. 

“With five schools in the co-op there is so much exposure to different people and are all bringing it back to the team,” senior captain Eva Larson said.

Larson continuously mentioned how the team had to make the most of everything. Several trips and events have already been getting cut from their season. 

“This is also my last year ever getting to play so just being thankful for every time I get to play and taking nothing for granted. Being on a Co-op brings together so many people from different schools by a single sport. In the end, we’re United.”


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