Talon staff values

Posted: December 13, 2019

Our staff values

It is a tradition for newspapers to publish a staff editorial every issue. A staff editorial is an opinion piece written by the entirety of the staff or an editorial board. The board forms one opinion about a topic and publishes an unsigned opinion piece. 

Recently, The New York Times published “The New York Times Editorial Board statement of values”, in which The Times declared the board’s values behind their editorials. They argue for “a world that is both free and fair, believing that societies must struggle to reconcile these values in order to succeed,” among other principles. 

The Times’ Editorial Board’s statement inspired our staff to create our own statement of values in which we express our core morals. 

We believe in the importance of factual truth in an age of opinions and “fake news”.

We believe that it is best to project a unified voice to our readers with complete honesty so the students can rely on our paper as a dependable source of relevant information.

We believe that by educating our community, we can make people more aware of the things that are happening around them.

We believe in giving a voice to stories that are often untold.

We believe in aiming to report on topics solely with the purpose of informing the reader, not to promote an agenda.

We believe that it is best to value meaningful stories that readers will find compelling. We strive to provide information that is relevant to our community by tying all stories back to our school in order to make connections.

The Talon staff’s statement of values is meant to inform our readers of what is standing behind the editorials we publish every issue.

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