Why you should read the Talon

Your newspaper (print or digital) has more value for you than you might think

For many Minnehaha students, the Talon is simply something that comes out every month or so, might have an interesting headline or two, but doesn’t have anything worth reading. For many of our readers, this might be the first time they’ve actually read a staff editorial. Some people thumb through the Talon looking only at pictures and graphics, or sports results. That’s all fine, but there are more benefits to reading a student publication than one might initially believe.

Student publications can provide insights into the thinking of your peers, as well as the rare opportunity to get news from a perspective other than an adult. Student publications serve an important purpose in the Minnehaha community.

Though Minnehaha is an incredibly close knit community, with friendships and bonds forming across social groups and grade levels, it can sometimes be difficult to get to understand those from other grades, or who you don’t share classes with. For example, many seniors don’t know what the freshmen class thinks about life at Mendota, or the Minnehaha community in general, or vice versa.

For many, an integral part of their Minnehaha experience is through sports, whether that playing or supporting them from the stands. Athletic competitions are a great way to bring the community together in a context outside of school, and the recent success of our football, baseball, and basketball programs have been a great experience for both the players and the fans. For many, the Talon offers an opportunity to learn about sports they wouldn’t normally pay attention to, and become more involved. For the bigger sports programs, the Talon offers a valuable tool to publicize their success, while the smaller programs can make themselves known to the greater community.

Similarly, for those not in the fine arts, the Talon is a way to learn what’s going on in terms of music and performances at Minnehaha. The Talon serves a valuable purpose, connecting different corners and groups in our community to one another.

The vast majority of the news, opinions, and journalism we view everyday is produced by adults, largely disconnected from our student community. This student publication gives events and opinions that matter to you , from the view point of your peers. The Talon is a break from the plethora of issues covered in mainstream news, and provides unique perspectives. If you feel that you’re viewpoint, or the events that matter to you aren’t being accurately represented, then get involved. The Talon should be for the students, by the students.


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