New faces – Kristin Henderson

You might’ve seen her around school, or teaching English 9 and 10, Kristin Henderson, is a new teacher at Minnehaha Academy.

An avid reader and writer from a young age, Henderson chose to teach at MA because, she said, “it’s an opportunity to bring so many things that are important to me into one place. It being a Christian school, teaching students who are the age that I’ve always envisioned I wanted to work with.”

When asked what her reaction to the explosion at Minnehaha’s North campus over the summer, Henderson said, “It was awe inspiring how people came together, how people took strength and comfort from their faith.”

Freshman, Leah Wasson, said that what she likes best about Henderson is that “she’s really nice and easy to approach.”

After graduating from the College of Saint Benedict and Augsburg College, Henderson worked in the nonprofit world and then taught at St. Croix Preparatory in Stillwater, Minn.

Henderson’s hobbies outside of school include spending time outside with her husband and son and playing ultimate frisbee.


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