Boys’ soccer season concludes with banquet

The Minnehaha’s boys’ soccer program will congregate in the Campus Room tonight for their end of the season banquet. Varsity Coach Ben Linder will recognize honors like junior Matthew Gibbon’s award for All State. The boys will also reflect on the memories they made this fall.

Freshman Lars Askegaard attributes his favorite C-Squad memory to the game against Providence Academy, a game in which the Minnehaha players got the opportunity to try out new positions and everyone on the team attempted to score once. The C-Squad was also distinguishable this season because a handful of its freshmen players also suited up for varsity games.

The junior varsity season was filled with inside jokes and team bonding. Junior Slovak exchange student Adam Hano, who decided to join the team for fun, breaks out into laughter every time he tries to describe his memories. Sophomore Aaron Bae explained, “The funniest story was when Isaac Rose had a beautiful header—into our own net. Everyone had poked fun at Isaac for not scoring yet in the season, and then he finally scored that beautiful header,” Bae said, laughing.

Junior Ben Dahlman identified his varsity season by the team’s skilled roster.

“Gibbons was everywhere on the field, and was willing to take shots, which was something our team struggled with,” Dahlman said. “Will was a good player in the opposite way, his first look was always to pass. But we had so many good players, it feels wrong to just talk about those two.”


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