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Blockbuster season begins with a large quantity of anticipated films

It’s that time of year again; the time when summer movies come sneaking into theatres one by one with big names, big plots, and even bigger budgets. A number of these movies have already shared a bit of screen time, including Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, and Stark Trek Into Darkness. But what movies await us as the season of spring (and school) comes to an end and Summer begins to sweep us under our feet with a barrage of entertaining imagery?

This blockbuster season has already seen a fair share of science fiction movies with Star Trek Into Darkness and the Tom Cruise film Oblivion. But what’s in store in the future includes the films After Earth, Pacific Rim, and Elysium. After Earth tells the story of a boy and his dad, played by real-life father and son duo Will and Jaden Smith, landing on a remote planet (but it’s not as remote as we might think). Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro, centers on the idea of soldiers taking control of giant robots in order to defend earth from a siege of monsters. And finally, from the director of District 9 comes a similar science fiction drama Elysium, which will surely bring up strong ideas and morals in its script much like the director’s previous work.

Accompanying Tony Stark in the on-going hollywood obsession with superhero movies is Superman in the upcoming film Man of Steel, the highly anticipated quirky Kick-Ass in the sequel to the infamously mature first film, and the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, in a sequel to the 2009 prequel starring the recluse mutant.

There are various other films that are worth looking at this summer. World War Z, based on the novel of the same name, stars Brad Pitt and horror’s favorite brain-dead, flesh-eating creatures in an apocalyptic horror film. Pixar is set to release Monsters University, a prequel to the studio’s the award-winning Monsters Inc. From the minds behind Pirates of the Caribbean comes a western adventure film starring Johnny Depp as the face of Tonto in the film adaptation of The Lone Ranger. Films based on best-selling novels like the Percy Jackson and the Mortal Instruments series are also being released later in August.

When it comes to summer movies, there’s a large variety of films that appease any and all audiences.


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