Is cursive a thing of the past?

Technological era takes a stance in elementary schools

Remember those days of old when cursive was a mandatory thing to learn and class hours were dedicated to it, well it seems those days will remain of old.  Along with Hawaii and Indiana the North Carolina will no longer require cursive handwriting in elementary schools. It seems the reason behind this change is not just the technological era of the 21st century but also: lack of class time, lack of interest, and the lack of use (cursive is) in the world. But seemingly one of the biggest reasons for the disappearance of cursive is technology. It seems more and more schools are replacing cursive with keyboarding. According to the New York Times the lack of cursive knowledge is very visible, whether when writing a signature or reading the constitution.  No matter the reason for the dismissal of cursive will Minnesota, or Minnehaha be next?


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