Christmas traditions

The things that make Christmas even more special

As Christmas fast approaches many are scrambling to buy Christmas presents, put up Christmas lights and make everything perfect. Among the hustle and bustle families remember their traditions, the traditions that bring more meaning to the Christmas season.

Among traditions some MA students have is going to church for a Christmas candle-lit service, opening presents Christmas morning/Christmas eve, or even baking a birthday cake for a baby Jesus, but for junior Alex Rocker the Christmas season brings the best tradition.

Rocker’s parents who divorced meet together Christmas and have brunch Christmas morning.

“I feel blessed that my parents, even though divorced, are able to come together and spend Christmas together as one extended family,” said Rocker.

Rocker’s Christmas tradition brings meaning to her life because it brings her family together.

What are some other Christmas traditions from MA students?

“My family always cuts down our tree the day after Thanksgiving. We also watch The Polar Express with my grandparents because they love that movie,” said junior Katie Pope.

“Takeout on Christmas Eve every year followed by midnight mass and pancakes at the 24 hour diner,” said junior Zoey Twyford.

“Going to Wisconsin and eating amazing cookies with cherries in the center,” said senior Manda TenHoor.

“At Thanksgiving my family and I always put our names in a bowl, and then we draw names and that’s who we get a present for when we get together to celebrate Christmas,” said junior Keturah Scott.



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