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He holds the school record for the 800m with a time of 1:58.67. He was All-Conference from freshman year to junior year in cross-country and All-Conference last year in track. He’s notched top-ten finishes in state in track as well as numerous All-Section honors…

Much of junior runner Jacob Eggers’s success can be attributed to his work ethic

Jacob Eggers will run until he throws up. Practice or race it doesn’t matter, the usual end result is Eggers bent over, hands on knees with his lunch on the ground. But don’t feel to bad for him, he usually wins. The Minnehaha junior runner attributes this problem to a weak stomach, and that may be true, but his coaches and teammates won’t let you believe that’s the only thing. They describe him as a relentless worker who is emerging as a powerhouse in track and field. But he is much more, Eggers is a two-sport captain and an honor roll student who is constantly busy, working every day to evolve as an athlete and as a person who can and has made an immensely positive impact not only on his team, but the Minnehaha community.

Eggers started running as a 6th grader in the Minnehaha program. Although he has always been somewhat soft spoken, his teammates and coaches have noticed growth not only in performance, but in leadership as well.

“He has definitely grown into a good leader now… He’s hard working, he’s humble,” said cross-country and track and field coach Christian Zimmerman.

But humility is usually more impressive when followed by great success, and Eggers has certainly run into that. He holds the school record for the 800, with a time of 1:58.67. He was All-Conference from freshmen year to junior in cross-country, All-Conference last year in track, top-ten finishes in state in track as well as numerous All-Section honors. Also, not to mention he is a soon to be a two year captain for the hockey team.

Playing three sports has given Eggers the mental break he needs at points, but it also presented a challenge in trying to stay prepared and in shape, for three very unique sports.

“It’s kind of hard to balancing between running and hockey, just because they are so different… where in cross country you want to be as skinny as possible and in hockey you want to put on all the weight possible,” said Eggers. “It’s just using those different muscles and they’re completely different so it’s hard to balance the two.”

Eggers says that he typically gains about 10 pounds for hockey after cross-country, but then proceeds to lose it all during track season.

But success, for everyone, does not come easy. This unique schedule has forced Eggers to adjust both mentally and physically to constant change, but one thing that does not change is his work ethic and his mental toughness, something that his teammates say shines through.

“He’s really good at being there and giving 100 percent all of the time, he never leaves anything in the tank,” said junior runner Mark Lind.

Keeping his body in tip-top shape, to endure this grueling schedule is formed by good and healthy habits that Eggers has developed throughout the years.

“I don’t drink pop, I try not to eat junk food,” Eggers said. “I bring my own lunches to school everyday, I try not to eat school lunches.”

While Eggers is blessed with physical talent, mental toughness and experience have also been factors in his rise as a runner.

“He’s been doing it for so many years its almost just like second nature, his body is so trained to compete at a high level,” said Lind.

Added fellow cross-country teammate Brady Ryan, “He works harder than most people. He trains year round.”

Although Eggers has to balance sports, he still maintains a great work ethic and positive leadership quality.

Eggers sees the struggles in trying to balance the sports while he sees his weight fluctuate and his training drastically change. However, Eggers also sees an advantage in a much needed break, something his coach agrees can help distinguish himself from other runners.

“He needs a mental break for everything, because he goes so hard,” said Zimmerman. I think it’s healthy for him.”

But his athletic excellence is really exemplified on the track, a sport which Eggers describes as his best. As Eggers evolved as a runner throughout his years, the possibility of running in college, possibly for a Division I program, is a reality. Division III schools have already taken an interest in Eggers, and this current track season and times will be crucial for Eggers if he wants the option of running in college, and option however that he is unsure yet if he wants to pursue.

“I’m not sure yet [if I want to run in college]. It would be nice to go D I in track but we will see,” said Eggers.

Eggers, however, is taking his sport year by year, season by season as he always does, while other college coaches, and his teammates take notice of his accomplishments.

Jacob Eggers throws up before the race because of nerves. Jacob Eggers throws up after the race because he runs so hard. But during the race, Eggers runs as hard as he can, and of course, he usually wins.


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