New Slovak journalism site


Yes, you. Check out a new site by student journalists in Slovakia…

Heyou is a new site created by Alenka Výbohová (pictured) and her colleagues in Bratislava. Výbohová is the editor-in-chief (šéfredaktorka), and Andrej Hano is an editor (redaktor). Výbohová and Hano spent the fall semester of 2011 as exchange students at Minnehaha Academy. During that time, Výbohová was a member of the Minnehaha Talon newspaper staff and Redhawksonline staff. In case you missed it, read the article she wrote explaining the financial difficulties of publishing in her native country.

We at the Talon and Redhawkonline send our best wishes to the staff at Heyou! So check it out. Even if you don’t speak Slovak, you can appreciate the beautiful photography and salute students who are making their voices heard.

Editor’s note: Heyou can now be found on Facebook [Aug. 2013].




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