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Snapchat snapped?

Snapchat snapped? Snapchat may be on a streak of loss of users Is Snapchat going the way of MySpace? Last quarter, Snapchat reported its first decline in daily active users, down from 191 to 188 million. Its stock lost nearly half of its peak value, hovering near its all time …

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App review

New apps to love I will be reviewing some apps I believe can be useful and also some apps that you can count on when you’re bored and need something to do. I do have one pet peeve that ruins a lot of apps for me, I hate to read, …

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Snapchat geofilter contest!

Have you always wished for a Minnehaha geofilter? Are your snapchat stories lacking the coolness factor you can find in a filter of our school? Well, now is the time to change that. The Talon and redhawksonline are starting a new contest..one that entirely depends on you. The process of making …

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