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Posted: October 8, 2018

New apps to love

I will be reviewing some apps I believe can be useful and also some apps that you can count on when you’re bored and need something to do. I do have one pet peeve that ruins a lot of apps for me, I hate to read, and you’ll see I’m not afraid to deduct major point because there’s to many words on my screen simply because I need to speak the truth.


What is it? Pinterest is a online pin board where you can put images up for people to see. You can make separate boards about specific groups of pictures. So if you like animals you can have your own board that is only animals. This helps with organizing everything, and if you don’t like to take pictures there are always more pictures for you to look at. 

Rating: 4.8

Explanation: This app confuses me. I don’t fully understand why people take the pictures and post them. Is it for fun? That wouldn’t be much fun to me. But I did find some things that I thought were cool. Many pictures made me laugh or gave me real information about the world. Also deduction of points for me not understanding what the app is right away. When you make an app I feel like everyone should understand what the app is  for and how to use the app more than they did.

ESPN Plus:

What is it? ESPN plus is the new way that ESPN is working there mobile app. You pay $5.00 a month and you get to watch most of the channels they have, read all the blogs they have, and also watch all the documentaries they have made. The ESPN plus is part of the normal ESPN app that just gives you score updates and some stories. ESPN + also has brand new programming that you can watch right on the app.

Rating: 3.9

Explanation: I like ESPN plus but there are some little things that I can’t stand about it. One is having to pay $5.00 a month to use it. I believe that someone will come out with an app that will be free that will have all the same features that this one does and I think it will really come back to bite ESPN if they continue to make people pay for their service. I believe that they should make their money off things such as ads and partnerships with other companies. Also they have a lot of ESPN channels but not all of the channels and when you’re watching college football and you realize there is a good game on one of the channels they don’t cover and you miss something huge  you will never forgive them and probably never buy it again. That’s why my score is so low. 


What is it? Flipboard is a app that gives you all the news you could ever want. You can read about sports, politics, to really anything you want. It’s a free app that gives you a cool way to view the news. They give you shorts stories that you can click on and click off extremely quick making it easy to read many at a time

Rating: 5.2

Explanation: I found this app to very interesting and useful. I love that it was free, and that the stories were short so I didn’t have to be sitting there reading for 20 minutes just to finish one story. I love the way it’s basically a newspaper that’s viewable on your iPad. But bringing up the main point again I don’t enjoy reading at all, which is a major deduction on this one.


What is it? IFunny is a app that is strictly about finding historical pictures and little comic strips. You can send the pictures you thought were funniest to your friends which makes it more of a app that you use to have fun with your friends. You can subscribe to people you like so that every picture you look at you think is funny. 

Rating: 3.4

Explanation: I’ve always thought this app was stupid. I could never get it to the point we’re almost all of the photos I looked at were funny and all the funny pictures I found never really seemed that funny because I looked at so many bad pictures that the good ones always had a damper on it. Also none of the pictures I looked at gave me actual information so after a while of looking I just felt less smart. 

Apps you thought you knew


What is it? Snapchat is a social media app that has taken off with millenials. It’s all based on communicating with pictures. You can add text to the pictures, you can add filters to your face if it’s a selfie, and you can also add stickers of almost anything. You can also text just like normal texts. One big thing is you can have streaks with other people. To get a “streak” you have to send a picture to someone and they have to send a picture to you, for everyday you send a picture to each other your streak gets one bigger, but if you miss a day the streak ends. Another big part of Snapchat is “stories”. Everyone has their own “story” and you can post pictures and videos on this and all of your friends can see it.

Rating: 4.2

Explanation: I’ve truly never been a huge fan of Snapchat. I’ve never seen the point. If I want to communicate with someone I would rather just text them. Also I think streaks are possibly the dumbest thing on the planet. When people have “streaks” most of the time they just send the picture to the person and it doesn’t even say anything, AND a ton of the time the person you have a streak with you have never talked to in real life. Does that make sense to anyone? One thing I do like is the “stories”, it’s fun to know what some of your friends are doing, and some people get creative and actually very humorous when using the “story” mode. 


What is it? Twitter is a place where anyone can post what you’re thinking,be it a joke, a photo, or even a video. You can favorite things and you can “retweet” something if you want your friends lists to see what you thought was funny or important. Also, you have your own twitter handle which is basically what people see as your name when you tweet. 

Rating: 8.6

Explanation: Twitter was made for me. If you don’t like to read like me twitter is perfect because there is a certain amount of characters you can have in each tweet so you can’t get bored. To me it’s always been the place go to when I’m bored. I believe it’s the funniest of all social media, and also the one that gives you the most information. There are so many accounts that make me laugh every time I look at them. And possible the best things is having your own twitter handle. You can make it whatever you want, and people get wildly creative and it makes everything they do so much more funny. I know I’ve had fun with my twitter handle. 


What is it? Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites in the world. All you do is post a picture with a caption. People comment on your posts and the comments can get crazy. Instagram also has the “stories” just like Snapchat. It seems like Instagram completely stole the idea from Snapchat. Just like Snapchat you can direct message people which is basically just texting them.

Rating: 4.1

Explanation: Instagram is basically a mix of Snapchat and Twitter. There isn’t the humor of Twitter, but just like Snapchat it is nice to know what some of your friends are doing. But taking the “stories” idea is a huge deduction of points simply because it wasn’t there idea. They thought it would help but to some people (just me) it hurt. Also I don’t like is there’s not a ton to do, because once you look through all your friends posts you can’t really keep looking at it. Twitter has the same problem but I don’t think it as relevant simply because people post more on twitter.

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