Snapchat geofilter contest!

Have you always wished for a Minnehaha geofilter? Are your snapchat stories lacking the coolness factor you can find in a filter of our school? Well, now is the time to change that.

The Talon and redhawksonline are starting a new that entirely depends on you. The process of making a geofilter is not difficult, but picking what we want to represent our school is. If you have an idea for a geofilter, submit a drawing or graphic design to [email protected] , or hand it to any of the Talon staff (and Mr. Westrem).

The deadline for the geofilters will be February 12.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. The filter dimensions must be 1080 by 1920 pixels (or 3.6 by 6.4 inches)
  2. PNG must be under 300KB (the file size)
  3. Graphic must be 100% original
  4. No photographs
  5. No hashtags
  6. No logos

If you would like any clarification, feel free to check out the link below or ask any of the Talon staff members.

Online dimensions:


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