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Pastor Greg Ellis works to integrate faith and academics

  Greg Ellis settles into his new role as Minnehaha Chaplain This year, Pastor Greg Ellis is serving as Minnehaha's Upper School Chaplain and isĀ  teaching two Bible classes. "I'm teaching the same classes that Rev. B taught, so freshman Introduction to Reading...

Three decades of kindness

The noise in the freshman hallway is constant, a steady rhythm of thumping feet and chattering voices. As students make their way past the prayer chapel and a row of lockers, they turn into a classroom on their right. The second the door is opened, Earth, Wind &...

Day 32 God is Good party

Dr. Crafton holds a "God is good" party during his senior capstone class. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Day 4 Life Stories

Dr. Crafton shares his life story to kick off a project series in Senior Capstone. Photo by Maddie Binning.

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