Pastor Greg Ellis works to integrate faith and academics


Greg Ellis settles into his new role as Minnehaha Chaplain

This year, Pastor Greg Ellis is serving as Minnehaha’s Upper School Chaplain and is  teaching two Bible classes.

“I’m teaching the same classes that Rev. B taught, so freshman Introduction to Reading the Bible,  and sophomores Life and Teachings of Jesus.”

Ellis will be finding a balance between faith and academics in his classroom and to get to know more students.

“I’m trying to find the right balance between the academic side and the integration of faith,” said Ellis. “That’s our mission, to integrate faith with really strong academics, so I want to make sure that we are balancing that so there is good content, but also there is the heart side.

As Chaplain, Ellis will be available to help counsel students, in all grades, and invest in the school’s spiritual health.

“If people have questions, if they want to talk, if they want to have someone pray with them, my door is open,” said Ellis. “I love to get to know more people so they can tell me how I can support them.”


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