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Biden’s plan would rebuild nation, Minnesota

What America can build with trillions of dollars Possibly the largest bill of the generation is being discussed, one of trillion-dollar proportions. The Biden administration on March 31 proposed the Infrastructure Act, a bill that would spend more than $2 trillion on roads, bridges, ports, airports, drinking water, transit systems …

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Survey: Trump’s first year

Published Dec. 17, 2017 How has the President been doing? A survey of Minnehaha student shows that two-thirds disapprove of Trump’s performance As the first semester comes to an end, students at Minnehaha will soon get their first grades of the year, but they have also handed out some grades …

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Assessing Minnehaha’s five-year plan

Minnehaha president Donna Harris focuses on arts, academics, athletics and faith for the future All leaders have a vision. Martin Luther King had “a dream that [his] four children [would] one day live in a nation where they [would] not be judged by the color of their skin but by …

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