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There’s a lot more to him than his height

Jason Wenschlag’s past experiences have formed him into the leader he is today Within walking distance of Lake Nokomis, directly off Minnehaha Parkway, 30th Avenue South, barely wide enough to fit parked cars, is lined with houses on either side. In front of the houses is an assortment of overhanging …

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Minnehaha’s new principal’s principles

Wenschlag discusses his first impressions of the Minnehaha community and explains his hopes for the years to come You may have already chatted with him in the campus room or sung for him in choir, debated the value of international trade with him after school in Nathan Johnson’s classroom or measured …

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New teachers: Aurélie Belleau, french amity

“[When I was a little girl] I wanted to be a helicopter pilot,” said Aurélie Belleau, Minnehaha’s new French amity. “No, it is not a joke,” she said, eyes crinkling with laughter, “it was real.” Belleau, who looks forward to getting her degrees and becoming a French teacher, now has …

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New teachers: Seth Johnson, english

English teacher Seth Johnson did not always know that he would find his passion in teaching kids how to write an article or helping them study the words of Christopher McCandless. Growing up, Johnson had two things in mind that he wanted to be. The first was a surgeon, so …

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New teachers: Jacquelyn Dell’Arciprete and Greg Ellis, spanish

Jacquelyn Dell’Arciprete has spent her life traveling the world and discovering the beauty and utility of the Spanish language. Having taught Latin American and Spanish language and culture across the United States, she joins Minnehaha from a teaching position at North Central University. Dell’Arciprete connected with the Minnehaha Academy community …

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New teachers: David Tweeten, chemistry

Balancing chemical equations or finding the molar mass of Ammonium bicarbonate aren’t priorities in the lives of most people, but for David Tweeten, Minnehaha Academy’s new science teacher, it’s part of his daily life. This year, Tweeten is excited to become part of the Minnehaha community and has enjoyed his …

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