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Slideshow: Kindergarten Chinese Presentation

Kindergarteners visit the Upper School to celebrate the Chinese New Year Kindergarteners came up to the library at North Campus for a presentation from Chinese students about the Chinese zodiac. Slideshow by Grace Kassebaum; photos by Elsa Johnson.


中国留学生在去美过学校时,在经历很多难处和学习很多知识 [This story is also available in English.] "(在美国)基本上,老师递给你考试成绩的时候,是反过来的。" 邓悢婷,一位在 Minnehaha...

New school, new world

Chinese students overcome challenges and gain valuable experiences during their time at an American school [This story is also available in Chinese] "[In America], when a teacher gives you back an exam, they give it to you flipped over,'' said LangTing Deng, who goes...

New Chinese Teacher

Maddie Binning, Talon Staff Writer New to Minnehaha Academy, Chinese teacher Ming Dong said he is enjoying his new job. Born in Dalian, China, Dong moved to Washington, D.C., several years ago to finish his master's degree at George Mason University. Later he moved to...

New Chinese Amity

Chinese Amity Zhi Cong Lin will be helping Dr. Lan in the Chinese classroom….

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