New Chinese Teacher

Maddie Binning, Talon Staff Writer

New to Minnehaha Academy, Chinese teacher Ming Dong said he is enjoying his new job. Born in Dalian, China, Dong moved to Washington, D.C., several years ago to finish his master’s degree at George Mason University. Later he moved to Minnesota and got a job teaching Chinese at Xinxing Academy in Hopkins Public School, where he taught for three years.

Dong’s friend from Bible study recommended Minnehaha as a school where he could speak freely about Jesus and the Bible. When a position opened, he gladly applied.

Dong is enjoying private school classes, especially in comparison to his experience at public school. He stated that public school had a very intense environment, while private school is much more inviting. His students and fellow teachers are also a big part of that.

“The students here are very respectful,” said Dong. “They have such a great desire to learn. The teachers are all so kind. The environment at Minnehaha makes me feel very welcome.”



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