Vanilla or strawberry?

Milkshakes from places around the Twin Cities show promising delights A silky taste of milkshake slides up the straw and trickles into your mouth. The chilled milk and creamy ice cream are an adventure for your taste buds. I tried a strawberry and vanilla milkshake from The Bad Waitress, Hi-Lo …

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Frozen meal review, for the people

What’s for lunch, when you’re stuck at home and don’t know how to cook? Now that we are stranded from eating out and eating the foods we love, we need to find alternatives. With Taher not looking over us at all times, what will we do? For me this means …

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Christmas food meets global traditions

Christmas food meets global traditions It is almost Christmas time. Everyone is shopping for gifts, but what people don’t do, is ask what their friends do to celebrate Christmas. Some people at Minnehaha have very unique Christmas traditions and guess what, they might be sitting right next to you in …

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