Sienna Kath

The bilingual brain

Benefits go beyond practicality to brain transformation, science shows Bilingual education has been a controversial topic riddled with misconceptions, up until recently. History is permeated with false assumptions that have long been disproven, the most prevalent belief was that learning another language at a young age would stunt brain development. …

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Owning a small business during a pandemic

Small business owners in Minnesota face big challenges due to the pandemic Small businesses across the country are still reeling from the ramifications of the executive orders, spurred by COVID-19, that enforced temporary closures on certain establishments. It’s a time of instability and unforeseen outcomes, and it doesn’t seem to …

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Twin Cities protests impact Minnehaha students in distinct ways

Minnehaha students reached by Black Lives Matter protests The recent protests have had an impact on everyone, from raising awareness and uniting opposing groups to igniting anger and fear. On many occasions we have watched the news cover stories of injustice and reprisals, but watching the media is remarkably different …

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