Twin Cities protests impact Minnehaha students in distinct ways

Minnehaha students reached by Black Lives Matter protests

The recent protests have had an impact on everyone, from raising awareness and uniting opposing groups to igniting anger and fear.

On many occasions we have watched the news cover stories of injustice and reprisals, but watching the media is remarkably different than it unfolding in your own backyard.

You have the option to jump into the fray, or the decision could be made for you.

“During the protests, when they were lighting up the stores, we had to keep all our lights on so our house wouldn’t be set on fire because we live on top of a store,” said freshman Tenzin Chosang, who experienced some of the more perilous nights as they transpired right outside her front door.

This movement has affected masses of people, especially the younger generation. It has made many students more cognizant of current events and more attentive to the headlines.

“I try to be informed,” said Chosang, “it’s an important thing for me to just keep track of.”

It has also had great significance and influence on plenty of individuals, including freshman Oletha Collins.

“The protests affected and impacted me in a very important way. It showed me that not only Black people cared about this movement, but people of all races and nationalities cared,” said Collins.

“I also got to make a connection with someone without even talking to them or seeing what they look like, and that was really powerful to me.”


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