Sports photography gains popularity

Posted: April 10, 2024

The increasing interest among youth

Raising 4 kids, Lisa Siddons was consumed by youth sports for many years. Something that captures a moment in time forever, a picture, is a way for parents to remember their young children’s time before growing up. Sometimes that passion for taking pictures of your children can stem into an even further career, like it did for Siddons.

 “I’ve always had an affinity towards photography.” Said Lisa Siddons. “When they [my kids] graduated, I enjoyed it so much, I’ve continued it.”

The number of opportunities that there are in today’s world is impossible to number. For some, following their passion takes years to complete, while for others it comes much easier. In recent years there has been major growth in a certain type of business: sports photography. 

Due to the increase in social media usage even in simply the last 5 years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people who have decided to start their own sports photography business. 

There are many different ways that someone can become successful in this generation. With innovation at the touch of a button, easy, creative activities to pursue through technology have become much more prevalent in society. 

Rubi Rubio Ramirez, a sophomore, has recently dived into this business. 

“Sports have been a big part of my life,” said Rubio Ramirez. “I just thought I’d give sports photography a try and really enjoyed it.” 

Photography in general can be a very lucrative business idea, but it is not the easiest profession to make a living in, as materials are very expensive. 

“It has been difficult are getting equipment and having to teach myself everything.” Said Ramirez.

On top of that, there are other skills besides just taking a picture that are necessary.

“I did have some knowledge of how to work a camera thanks to him [Nicholas Freeman] but not much on what would work best for action.” Said Ramirez. “I had to do a ton of research and teach myself to not just be able to take photos but editing them as well.” 

Lisa Siddons, a local photographer from the East side of the Twin Cities, has been taking photos for over 20 years. Interestingly enough, Ramirez and Siddons voice many of the same perspectives despite different levels of experience. 

 “A picture isn’t t finished on the field, gym, or arena.” Said Siddons. “There are hours spent after the game culling and editing pictures.”

Siddons also voices how much the business has changed over recent years. 

“When I first started in sports photography 20 years ago, sports photography was centered around the still image.” Said Siddons. “Today, with the influx of digital and social media, a sports photographer must integrate video and stills to stay viable.”

Sports photography is not solely for one particular age group or gender, it is something that anyone can do with very little materials, making it appealing for younger people. 

There are many different people locally as well who have developed quite a following.

Evan Heinsch, a Junior at Mahtomedi High School says, “It started as a hobby and a way of staying involved with my friends’ sports, but eventually as people got more interested in my work, I was able to start profiting from shooting sports, portraits, and family gatherings.”

Heinsch, also known as @evshootss on Instagram has amassed over 2,400 followers in less than a year of taking photography seriously. 

Social media has also played an enormous role in how photography has grown so quickly in the last couple of years.

When I first started in sports photography 20 years ago, sports photography was centered around the still image.” Said Siddons.  “Today, with the influx of digital and social media, a sports photographer must integrate video and stills to stay viable.”

There is so much room for success in this business, and many different people can succeed at the same time, but it takes patience and perseverance.

Understand the time commitment and be realistic about the payback. Also, like any other activity, enjoy it and make the best out of every opportunity. 

“Like any other business, sports photography is about relationships.” Said Siddons. “Get to know the athletes, parents, coaches, and the school AD.” 

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