New At North: Jeff Sonsalla

    Jeff Sonsalla The New Math And Ap Computer Science

Jeff Sonsalla the new geometry and AP computer science teacher. Sonsalla is from Rochester  Minnesota and moved to the country 8 miles northwest of town. He has lived in Minnesota his whole life. 

Sonsalla came to MA because he heard there was an opening in math and computer science. But then when he came to talk to principal DiNardo and Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Sebey, it became clear to him that MA had a very unique spiritual dimension that he didn’t see in public schools.

 Sonsalla has mainly taught math but last year for the last four months he was in a stem classroom with 200 students with power tools at Lakeville middle school. Sonsalla has a wife and two daughters, his daughters’ names are Giovanna and Simone.

 Sonsalla doesn’t have one favorite operation in math but he does have a least favorite.

  “ I like dividing and conquering but I love to see increased learning and understanding by orders of magnitude. So I suppose I like multiplication as well. I like to add in everybody and I don’t want to lose anybody out so I’d say subtract is probably my least favorite”. 


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