New At North: Erik Beckers

Erik Beckers, Spanish

Erik Beckers is thrilled to begin his journey at Minnehaha Academy as a Spanish teacher and adviser.

Beckers notes his Christian faith plays a crucial role in his teaching. His faith helps him strive to better the lives of his students.

“My faith reminds me to always put the student first and be merciful and grateful, above all else,” Beckers said.

During his stint at Bethel University, Beckers was also an avid tennis player. Athletics, tennis specifically, provided him with many lessons that he carries with him as a teacher. 

“In tennis you have a lot that rests on you and your ability to persevere on your own through challenges, and specifically mental ones,” said Beckers. “I think that in teaching and just in life in general, we will encounter a lot of adversity. But tennis has developed my mental grit, toughness and persistence through those challenges and adversity.”

Beckers’ love for the Spanish language and different cultures developed at a young age. His ninth grade Spanish teacher inspired him to become the person that he is today.

“[My teacher] loved Spanish, and he valued his relationships with his students above everything else,” said Beckers. “I was really able to see the humanity in him, while also seeing his professionalism. He made it fun. I remember I had his class for the first hour, and it got me out of bed in the morning. There were some days where I was like, gosh, I don’t want to go, but he always made it worth it.”


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